Clever Design Ideas For a Tiny Balcony

Clever Design Ideas For a Tiny Balcony


Have you thought of your balcony as a place where you could relax, read or even spend time with friends? Oh yes, you can. Balconies do more than just add to the aesthetics of your house or apartment. Your balcony actually presents you with an opportunity to maximise your living space.

The next thing you’re probably thinking of is how to find creative designs that can make your balcony come alive. There are several styling and design options you should. Take a look at the visual inspiration below and pick one that takes you closer to the atmosphere you’re looking to create.

The Garden Feel

The easiest way to achieve a garden feel for your balcony is to lay out an artificial grass rug. When this is done, you should also arrange several window box planters with little flowers in them. This transforms your balcony into a small urban garden.

The Romantic Nook

This is an opportunity to add your balcony to one of the biggest romantic nooks tucked away in the privacy of your house or apartment. To achieve this, you will need a daybed and a combination of floor pillows and throw pillows. You’re free to play around with colours depending on what appeals to you.

The final touch when designing this is a string of lights; nothing too bright. You can settle for a shade of light that’s dim and cozy.

The Suburban Touch

To give your balcony that suburban touch and style, you need to choose the right materials and this would rest largely on your choice of colours and layout. Typically, you would need some throw pillows, simple chairs; preferably cane chairs and a table that fits into the rest of the elements you choose.

You need to pay special attention to the colours and how you blend them. For instance, you should consider matching your throw pillows with a few other items; especially the flower basket. You don’t necessarily have to make all the items have the same colour. That might be a bit of an overkill.

The Living Wall

Have you ever thought of what you could do with the wall space on your balcony? You can have a living wall by having a little garden on the wall. This makes your wall more beautiful and leaves you more room on the floor. You can have a patterned rug on the balcony. Using the right print will help you achieve the illusion of a bigger space.

Don’t forget that you’re going to need either a beautiful bench or chaise longue as well as a few throw pillows to give the balcony a huge visual lift.

The Foldable Option

Using foldable furniture on your balcony is a perfect idea especially when it is a tiny balcony. You also enjoy the option of changing the layout. Adding plants and flowers to the mix gives your balcony a touch of nature.

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